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About DSS Player

As a member of the IVA (International Voice Association) Olympus were instrumental in the design
and development of DSS (Digital Speech Standard).

DSS files are highly compressed voice files; their compression rate equals approximately 1:12 the size of a wav file. In actual usage, this allows users to record up to 20minutes on 1MB (recording in LP mode) compared to 1-2 minutes of dictation (or sound recording) when using wav format.

Because of it's extremely high compression, the DSS file format is the preferred method for transferring sound files via network server or as email attachments. Getting work to support staff in and away from the office has never been easier.

But using DSS is far more that just a dictation system. Recorded files can be archived for future reference, embedded within other documents such as Word or Excel or used in every day communication with friends and colleagues.  No need to "two finger type" emails, just record your commentary, attach and email.

For those who wish to share their DSS files with others who are not currently using DSS; the receiver of the dss file needs only visit our web site to download DSS Player Lite. It's Free. Once installed, files can be archived and opened as many times as desired. See downloads for more info 


DSS Player for Mac

Most Olympus Digital Voice Recorders are compatible with Mac but we recommend that you check the product's system requirements to ensure compatibility prior to purchase.

DSS Player Lite for Mac is available from our Download Page.


Olympus & Voice Recognition Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking
The sound files created by most Olympus Digital Voice Recorders can be used with Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) voice recognition software.  WAV and WMA files can be imported into Dragon Naturally Speaking, and Olympus DSS Player Pro software contains a link to automatically export DSS and DS2 sound files straight into DNS.  During this process, files are automatically converted from DSS format into WAV format.

Please contact a DNS Reseller for information and pricing on Dragon Naturally Speaking.