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Moving from Tape to Digital

Q:  If I buy a digital system, can I use my existing tape foot control and  headset?
A: No, foot controls supplied with tape transcribers are not the same as those

supplied with digital – there are no conversion kits available.  You can

use your existing headset but sound will only play from one ear and the

cord length may prove to be too short to reach around to the back of the PC.

Q:  If I change to a digital, do I need to replace all our machines

A: In many cases no, you can integrate digital gradually into your office. 

Depending on the size of your office, it may be possible to shift or group

useable tape machines into one area or department and integrate digital

in other areas.


About DSS Player

Q:  What is DSS
A:  "Digital Speech Standard" (DSS) was established by the International Voice Association (IVA) to set a standard for digital speech recordings.  DSS files are highly compressed making them suitable to send via network server or as email attachments.

Q:  What's the difference between DSS and WAV files
A:  DSS files are approximately 1:12 the size of a WAV file, the following example provides a size comparison.
      1MB DSS File = approximately 17minutes of voice recording (LP setting)
      1MB WAV File = less than 2 minutes of voice recording

Q:  What is DSS Player software
A:  DSS Player is the software developed by Olympus to download and play DSS files which have been recorded on their Digital Voice Recorders (DVRs).

Q:  Can I listen to DSS files if I don't have DSS Player?
A:  Yes. Anyone can download DSS Player Lite FREE from our website. It's a good idea if you're using DSS to notify new recipients that they should visit the web site and download DSS Player Lite.

Q:  Can DSS Player be converted to other voice files?
A:  Yes, DSS files can be converted into WAV files.  From the DSS Player window, simply right-click on the file and choose "convert to WAV" from the pop-up menu.

Q:  Can other files be converted to DSS?
A:  No. DSS compression occurs at the time of recording, i.e. within the DVR.




Q:  Do Olympus DVRs run on Mac?
A:  Most Olympus DVRs are supported by Mac, Please check the system requirements for confirmation. 

You can download MAC "lite" directly from our website.  Go to Downloads

Q:  How do I install DSS Player for MAC?
A:  If the Digital Voice Recorder you have purchased is listed as MAC compatible, simply install the software from the CD provided.  The CD contains both MAC and Windows software, and will automatically install the appropriate version.  When asked for the serial number, enter the number which is printed either on a sticker on the CD sleeve, or on a separate piece of coloured paper that is the same size as the CD sleeve, dependant on which product you have purchased. You need input this only once, but please ensure you keep this number, in case you ever need to reinstall your software.

Q:  Can I use a Foot Control with DSS Player for MAC?
A:  Yes. The Olympus RS-28 Foot Control, with USB connection, is recommended for transcription. It should be noted that function keys (shortcut keys in the Olympus software) cannot be used on MAC.