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Olympus DS-7000


The power of Speech:
Easy, Mobile and Secure

The top of the range DS-7000 is the new industry standard in Professional dictation equipment.

Designed for professionals who rely on secure, flexible and reliable tools as integral parts of their office workflow, it features real-time 256-bit file encryption, a redesigned, independently housed microphone, enhanced battery life and next-generation Olympus Dictation Management Systems (ODMS) software.

The DS-7000 is quite simply dictation defined.



Intuitive Controls
A durable, precise slide switch, redesigned playback controls and three programmable function buttons allow for simple, easy device operation.

A Li-ion battery (710mAh), rechargeable through your computer’s USB port, allows for up to 26 hours of recording time on a single charge.


Multi-Function Cradle
A redesigned docking station recharges the Li-ion battery and allows for hands-free recording, playback and interaction with the ODMS software.

Additionally the RS-31 Foot Control can be connected to the cradle to allow "foot control" operation for recording.

Enhanced Security
The DS-7000 256-bit AES encryption system protects data from illegal access. This is supported when recording in the DSS pro format. This encryption standard meets high security standards set by governments worldwide.

In addition to securing the data, the DS-7000 device lock feature protects the device from unauthorised access by utilising a 4 digit PIN code.

Superior Sound Quality
The DS-7000’s redesigned, speech-optimised microphone is independently housed for flawless sound reproduction. It offers multiple recording modes, as well as two quality levels – QP (16 kHz/28 kbps) and SP (12 kHz/13.7 kbps).

Endless Flexibility
A vast array of functions and accessories, audio codes and indexing options, as well as support for multiple worktypes and users, makes the DS-7000 customisable enough to suit any purpose in any IT environment. The ODMS software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP and Mac OS X.

Expandable Storage Capacity
Dual SD and microSD card slots allow for up to 32GB of total memory. The included 2GB microSD card holds up to approximately 306 hours of recording time.


Full Workflow Integration
Packaged with next-generation Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software and compatible with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software, the DS-7000 is designed to become an essential part of any office’s dictation workflow directly out of the box.

Support for up to 32 index marks per dictation file makes it easy to locate critical information.

What's in the Box

Your new Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder ships with the 
following accessories:
     • CR15 docking cradle (for download and recharging)
     • USB connection cable
     • A517 AC Adaptor
     • LI-42B Lithium battery (rechargeable)
     • 2GB SD Memory Card & 2GB Micro SD Memory Card
     • Olympus Dictation Management Software (ODMS) R6 software,
       CD & Licence
     • CS-137 Carry Case