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DR-2200 Microphone


A great collaboration between technology and handling

The Olympus RecMic DR-2200 perfectly combines these aspects to help boost your efficiency even more. The ergonomic design ensures excellent operability, sitting comfortably in your hand with its smooth edges. The intuitively placed slider switch allows for one-handed access to the most commonly used functions.

With available device configuration software and a Software Development Kit (SDK) for IT administrators and systems integrators, direct recording to your PC or Mac has never been easier.


2 Recording Modes with Audio Indexing with DSS Integration
The DR-2200 can record in two modes, SP (Standard Playback) mode or LP (Long Playback) mode.

Up to 16 index marks can be set in a file for quick and easy audio retrieval. The DR-2200 can save a recording as a file directly on a PC in DSS (Digital Speech Standard) format.


Low-noise directional microphone
The low-noise directional microphone blocks unwanted background noises,  guaranteeing ultra-clean dictation recording

4 Programmable Buttons
DR-2100 has 4 programmable (F1, F2, F3, F4) buttons across the front that can be easily customiszed to suit a particular preference or recording environment.


Slide switch and track ball
Intuitively positioned button layout enabling single-handed control with slide switch and track ball.


Dedicated Reinforced Ergonomic Design with Enhanced Slide Switch Design
The DR-2200 features dedicated zones for controlling dictation and special functions; making the device easier to hold with more comfortable and intuitive operation, allowing users a greater range of movement without inadvertently pressing buttons. The improved, narrower grip on the DR-2200 allows the device to sit in the hand comfortably for prolonged periods of time. A carefully placed index finger rest further enhances the balance and distribution of the
DR-2200's weight. By using this rest, the hand will naturally fall into the correct position allowing comfortable use for prolonged periods of time. A reinforced professional grade USB Cable is 10x more durable (more than 20,000 operations in an Olympus durability test) than a regular USB cable.

Olympus has been renown for our slide switches in dictation equipment and in the new DR series we have enhanced this already applauded device. The DR-2000 slide switch feels more natural and has improved reliability.



High-Quality Microphone System with Adjustable
Microphone Sensor

The enhanced, uni-directional microphone contained in a state-of-the-art housing delivers the highest possible audio quality for dictation and voice recognition. Microphone sensor quality can be altered to better suit recording conditions and environment.

Product Specifications
Product Class:
Professional Dictation Device
Mobile / Stationary:Stationary
USB Speed:2
Main Switch:Slide (Record/Stop/Play/Review) and Trackball
Programmable button:4 Programmable Buttons- F1, F2, F3 & F4
Recording format:DSS and PCM
Recording SP:Direct records to PC - Determined by PC hard drive space
Playback format:DSS and PCM
Overall (Hz):100-14,000 (with PCM recording)
Direct recording:Yes
Handsfree recording function via optional footswitch:Yes
Manual Rec level control:No
Forward / Reverse Skip:Yes
Repeat playback:No
Calendar Search:FALSE
Author ID Setting:Yes
Worktype ID Setting:Yes
Priority setting:Yes
Pending File:Yes
corresponding Audio software (name):DSS Player Pro R5 Dictation Module - Must be purchase separately
PC interface:USB Cable 2.5m length
Microphones:Built-in 10mm uni directional microphone
Speaker Diameter:Built-in ø 28 mm round dynamic speaker
Max. working output:320mW or more (8 Ω speaker)
Power Supply:USB
Lock single files:No
Device lock by PIN code:No
Device Lock by Fingerprint:No