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Digital Voice Accessories

View our extensive range of digital accessories... telephone pickups,
specialist microphones, typist headsets and foot controls. Our online
catalogue provides technical information and compatibility guides

Headsets & Foot Controls

E62 Headset
RRP $65.00

E102 Headset
RRP $55.00

E99 Headset (Analogue Only)
RRP $49.00

RS-32 Hand Controller
RRP $129.00

RS31 Foot Control
RRP $149.00

RS28 Foot Control
RRP $149.00

BV119100 Foam Pads
RRP $0.00

BV119200 Foam Pads
RRP $0.00

BZ160300 Foam Pads
RRP $0.00

Cables & Adaptors

KP21 USB Cable
RRP $39.00

KP10 USB Cable
RRP $20.00

KA333 Lead
RRP $35.00

PA1 Plug Adaptor
RRP $9.00

PA2 Plug Adaptor
RRP $9.00

Microphones & Telephone Recorders

ME-33 Boundary Microphone
RRP $189.00

ME30W Conference Microphones
RRP $599.00

ME31 Gun Microphone
RRP $299.00

ME34 Stand Microphone
RRP $119.00

TP8 Telephone Pickup
RRP $39.00

ME-15 Microphone
RRP $49.00

ME51S Stereo Microphone
RRP $89.00

ME52W Noise Cancelling Microphone
RRP $39.00

ME-12 Noise Cancelling Microphone
RRP $20.00

Batteries & Power Management

BR 401 Ni-MH Battery Pack
RRP $79.00

BR403 Ni-MH Battery Pack
RRP $39.00

BC-400 Charger & Batteries
RRP $99.00

A513 AC Adaptor
RRP $59.00

CR15 Docking Cradle
RRP $99.00

CR10 Docking Cradle
RRP $99.00

Earphones & Remotes

E20 Earphone
RRP $12.00

E30 Earphone
RRP $15.00


CS105 Carry Case
RRP $25.00

CS119 Carry Case
RRP $25.00


AS-9001 ODMS R7 Dictation License Key
RRP $149.00

AS-9002 ODMS R7 Transcription License Key
RRP $249.00

AS-9003 ODMS R7 DM License Key Upgrade
RRP $99.00

AS-9004 ODMS R7 TM License Key Upgrade
RRP $99.00

SCP License
RRP $699.00

AS-70001 ODMS R6 Dictation
RRP $99.00

AS-56 ODMS R6 Admin CD
RRP $499.00