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Small Office - Home Office
No need for a complicated network solution - these products are easy to install and setup to provide workflow between author and secretary. 

A simple folder structure can be placed on a network or shared drive for single or multiple user access.   

This system is ideal for those wishing to upgrade from tape to digital.

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DS-2400 Digital Voice Recorder

Entry model business machine with large easy to read backlit display and soft touch key control. Use the ‘NEW” key to separate each file and provide “file header” information for the typist (author name, date & time of recording, length of the recording). Supplied with 2GB SD Memory Card, DSS Player Standard software, USB cable and 2x AAA batteries.
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AS-2400 Digital Transcription Kit

Provides all the functionality of a traditional tape transcriber; adjustable playback speed, volume, auto back space plus noise cancelling.  Supplied complete with RS28 foot control and E102 headset.
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Digital Starter Kit

Perfect for the small business or those wishing to upgrade from Tape to Digital.  Includes both the DS-2500 DVR and AS-2400 Transcription kit with all accessories.  Rec Retail $869.00.